Waah Taj!

Yippee!!! I have got the opportunity to work on a Taj hotel again. And this time, the hotel is out of India. Hope I create impressive communication for it.
Too busy now with the Taj hotel to tell you more. Will pen later.

Usha Resort, Palghar

If you are looking for a less crowded weekend getaway from Mumbai at a reasonable rate, Usha Resort in Palghar is the perfect choice. If you have heard about terms like “hotel in the abode of nature”, “a truly pampering hotel”, “guest service at its best”, “value for money resort”… this is it!

We weren’t quite sure about the resort when we booked it first for our New Year’s celebrations. The website looked decent, the photographs were fine, but it was a new place for us and considering that the hotel was our choice for the New Year’s, we had taken a risk.

Risk? Well, I won’t say it any more. The moment we stepped down of the local transport, dum dum, the resort’s warm welcome impressed us. And then all the pampering that followed made us feel like royal guests.

Will write in great detail a bit later (I just can’t resist), but for now here are the quick highlights:

· Hotel’s cleanliness is the best.
· You ask for something – an extra bed sheet, warm water (in case there’s no power), table tennis balls… the service is prompt.
· You’ll eat like a king. The food is superbly amazingly delicious. Didn’t get the chance to meet the cook, but everything is just so fresh and tasty that I’m not liking Mumbai’s food as much rite now.
· Nature appears to dwell here forever. I’ve never seen such big Tulsi (basil) plants in my life. Bamboo trees, colourful flora and the gamut of plants and trees make you feel like you are in heaven. And there are ducks, frogs and fishes as well!
· There’s complete arrangement for recreation – from table tennis, carom boards and a swimming pool to swings, seesaw and slides.
· Room rates are pretty decent - value for money.

Well, there are so many good things about Usha Resort that I can go on and on. For now, this is the brief insight.

Will write more about the hotel and my experience soon.

Hotel Location: USHA RESORT, Kharalpada, College Road, Palghar (W).
Tel.: 02525-226340 9320584500 / 9320684500 / 9323337580.