Niros restaurant, M I Road,Jaipur

The hotel manager of Jaipur's Krishna Palace recommended Niros restaurant located at Jaipur's M I Road for dinner. We checked the restataurant's reviews on various websites and made up our minds for this choice. And it was a great decision!

Niros offers an excellent variety of Rajasthani, Chinese, Continental and Indian cuisine. Since we were not too hungry, we opted for Hara Bhara Kabab in starters. Unlike the circular shape we get in Mumbai, Hara Bhara Kabab comes in the form of long rolls. Four of them were so delicious and filling, we wondered if we should have ordered for the main course as well. Luuckily, we had placed an order for 2 Missi rotis and Gatta Curry. Mrinal made a smart decision by telling him to prepare the dish with the ideal amount of masala. It must be noted that since restaurants like Niros are frequented by foreigners, the cuisine is not as masaledar as we Indians prefer; they are mostly less salty and not at all spicy. The Gatta Curry was super delicious and so was the Missi roti. However, now it was too spicy for us too ;)

Niros offers good quantity of food an the rates are perfect for the ambience and quality. VAT and Service charges are extra. Our bill was Rs 850 or so for a large beer, Hara Bhara Kabab, Gatta Curry and 2 Missi rotis. We had to ski the desserts as our stomachs were fully satisfied!

I would rate Niros Restaurant 4.5 out of 5. Must visit this place!

Day 1-2, Rajasthan: Ranthambhore Bagh and Tiger Dreams

We just returned from safari number 1 at Ranthambhore. Unfortunately we could not spot any tiger. But hope prevails as we still have 2 more safaris to look forward to. The second one begins in a couple of hours, so for now I have some time to blog about the trip.

How to reach Ranthambhore from Mumbai?
We took the August Kranti Rajdhani Express from Mumbai Central station on November 6 at 5.40 pm. The train reached Sawai Madhopur station (closest to Ranthambhore) at 6.40 am on November 7. From here, Ranthambhore is just a 15-minute drive.

Where to stay?
Well, we are staying at Ranthambhore Bagh and are more than happy about the choice. Excellent place, location, food and people. Mr Aditya and his wife Poonam, lovely people and owners of the place, joined us for dinner last night and time flew as they shared their interesting travel experiences and offered us many valuable tips for the trip ahead. If you are planning a trip out here, this is the place to be. Will share more about the hotel once I return home.

Safari no. 2: The safari guys took us to every possible area in zone 4 of Ranthambhore National Park. A tigress was spotted in this zone yesterday and how we wanted to get this zone allotted to us! Unfortunately, even after 4 hours, we had no luck. We did spot lot many Sambar and spotted deer, peacocks, interesting birds and wild boars but when you are trying to spot a tiger, these beauties fail to impress enough! Man is an animal that never gets satisfied, right? So I forgot how I dreamed of spotting lots of peacocks... When I did spot so many of them, I was thinking of tigers! Human greedy nature! Tomorrow morning we head for another safari... Please wish us luck!