Trivia - The Statler Hotel

Did you know that The Statler Hotel, Buffalo, New York was perhaps the first hotel in the US with a private bath in every room?

Missing Sahara Star

It's Diwali time and I happened to visit my previous workplace, Focus, today. Felt so good as my mind revisited the good old days there.

How amazing it was to see my Sahara Star work displayed on the wall! Just miss creating those campaigns, compendiums, branding, menu card ideas... the works!

Everyone's saying the hotel now looks simply fantastic! Well, I'm sure it would be, trust me it's a great place to visit once, a wonder I must call it. And this I'm saying after being amazed by just the launch phase. Now the hotel in its complete glory is sure to take your breath away!

Check out the amazing Sahara Star hotel's website here.

Talking about hotels...

Grand Hyatt Mumbai happened to be my first hotel account as a writer. I remember how I studied the comprehensive brand guidelines without realising at that time that this is just the beginning of my journey to hotel writing! I think the first thing I wrote was a copy for an invite to an event out there and since then there has been no looking back. As I gradually began studying and exploring more and more hotels across the world, their style and uniqueness, their charisma and elegance, I only fell more in love with them.

Lady luck this once showered her blessings on me by giving me the opportunity of having hotel accounts at my new work place too! Now while I continue enjoying this journey, I just hope that I get to stay and pamper myself at some of the mesmerising hotels on earth!