Citibank Zomato Restaurant Guide 2012 Review

Citibank Zomato Restaurant Guide (Mumbai)
I received the first edition of Citibank Zomato Restaurant Guide (Mumbai) from Blogadda as a part of its Book Review Program a few days ago. I must confess I don't remember visiting Zomato website earlier, but this guide has certainly converted me into a Zomato fan in just a few hours! So when I am not in a mood to cook and want to try out a new restaurant, I know where to go first. Yes, I have bookmarked the website for ready reference and my copy of the book has found a permanent place on my coffee table!

So, what is Zomato?
To sum it up in a few words, Zomato is a cool online guide where you can find restaurants in an area along with their menus, reviews, ratings, timings and contact information. Check out Zomato website here.

Coming back to Citibank Zomato Restaurant Guide
The paperback guide is a lovely compilation of select and worth-visiting restaurants. 2012 editions are available for Mumbai (the one I am reviewing here), Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Pune. 

It is lightweight and appropriately sized for carrying along anywhere you go. The fonts used are neat and despite all the information, the guide has managed a clutter-free look. Undoubtedly, the result of a lot of research and hard work .

Recommendations: Approximately 200 in each city
Cost: Rs 199
Cost on Flipkart: Rs 149

Amazing categorization
What I loved most about the book is the categorization of restaurants. The ones offering the best wines are grouped together, the ones ideal for a romantic dinner are grouped together... so on and so forth. So if you are in the mood for dining at a table with sea view, you can find it listed with a review right here!

Highlights of the guide:
QR Codes
1. Code Smart: Keeping with the times, the guide has provided QR Codes to view menu, codes and other information!
2. Easy Speedy: The guide rightly claims to be easy-to-use. Guess what, they actually start with a reader-friendly description on using the guide! The icons are really helpful for quick reference. It is as easy as browsing through a website!
3. Real Reviews and the Proof: Most of us are well aware that online reviews are more often than not paid reviews and hence can be biased. However, this restaurant guide claims to include original reviews that are edited only to reduce the amount of content without compromising on the essence of the review. I decided to confirm it before penning this down. I have dined at Bhagat Tarachand a lot many times and I know what are the few things everyone orders almost every time. So I checked in the Zomato guide and they have got it absolutely right! The reviews and Don't Miss suggestions of all the restaurants I have visited were correct too.
4. Don't Miss: An insight into the best dishes available at every restaurant.
5. Late Nighters: Ideal for all the advertising and media professionals!
6. Citibank Dining Privileges.

The Zomato guide is just perfect except for one thing I would have really preferred - listings as per the location. I guess it was not included to avoid duplication. But it would have really helped.

All in all, the Citibank Zomato Restaurant Guide 2012 is a must-have if you are a foodie or new to the city.

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